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SDS Authoring Services to Meet OSHA Requirements For Manufacturers

If you are a manufacturer, distributor, or importer of chemicals or other hazardous substances, you are required to create or obtain safety data sheets (SDSs) in the regions you do business.

HSI offers market-leading authoring and consulting services that help in the writing and publishing of GHS regionally compliant SDS documents. We can help you create high-quality, globally compliant SDS documents so you can focus on your core business priorities.

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Tailored Authoring

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Our authoring services scale with your business needs — whether you need incremental service-level support, consulting or fully-outsourced authoring, our tailored solutions save you time and deliver operational efficiencies to your EHS team.

Domain Expertise

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HSI's on-staff authors have over 20 years' experience authoring safety data sheets, including authoring in SAP. They have the educational and real-world industry expertise needed to provide excellent services.

Regional Support

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HSI Authoring Services produce high-quality, compliant SDSs that support a variety of languages, regions, and regulations. We are capable of authoring in all regions globally in over 55 languages and dialects.

Why Use External Authoring Services?

Many organizations lack the in-house expertise to develop and update safety data sheets for every chemical they manufacture. In can cost upwards of $100,000 USD to employ a qualified author full-time, and that’s not including the cost of authoring software platforms, which can be as expensive as $50,000 USD.

For many organizations, outsourcing and working with contractors is the most affordable way to author SDSs. However, selecting a consultant or vendor to help manage this important task can be daunting, especially with the variety of options available.

Finding the right author is key to high-quality and compliant SDSs, and there are a few qualities to look for and questions to ask as you evaluate consultants.

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What to look for in SDS Authoring Services

  • Years of experience: How long has the author created SDS’s specifically?
  • Dedicated Professional: Does the company use contractors? Is the author full-time or part-time? Does the author have other duties in addition to SDS authoring?
  • Accreditation/credentialing: Does the author belong to a professional association or credentialing body? What certifications do they hold and are they current?
  • Training: Do they engage in ongoing professional training and development?
  • Chemical expertise: Does the author has special training and/or experience with biochemistry, toxicology, and related fields? Do they have experience in your market or industry (including different standards)? Do they have the technical background to guide you toward appropriate batching or useful testing?
  • Proven success with GHS formatting: Is the author’s experience in MSDS and SDS authoring or MSDS only? Is there a robust systematic review of documents and supplied information by qualified technical professionals? Are there quality standard protocols in place to ensure an accurate and reproducible result?
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