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Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management

Comprehensive SDS storage, reporting and access in one location…wherever you are.

HSI’s unique safety management platform provides a complete safety data sheet (SDS) management solution with a comprehensive catalog of SDSs, compliance with Right-to-Know regulations and seamless integration into the HSI learning management system. The SDS platform gives environmental, health and safety professionals the technology they need to help make informed decisions about chemicals within their organization and unlock the data within SDSs to manage thousands of chemicals safely and sustainably.

The HSI platform with SDS/learning integration provides EHS professionals with a full safety solution for GHS compliance and OSHA Hazard Communication and training standards.

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SDS Management Benefits:

Upload + Download + Print

24/7 online (and offline) access to your custom collection of SDS sheets

Multiple Locations & Unlimited Users

Go big, go mobile, and get your whole team on the same sheet across your entire operation, anywhere.


Quickly access critical safety and environmental information in the event of an emergency

SDS Smart Search

Find any SDS by location, CAS number, hazard, chemical name, manufacturer, etc.

Update & Refresh

Easily remove SDS duplicates or archive for retrieval, adding new sheets from HSI’s collection when available.

SDS Data Indexing

Unlock your SDS data, allowing you to perform detailed chemical searches, streamline your environmental reporting, and automate your hazard analysis process

SDS Management Platform Features

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