Content, training, and software for the manufacturing industry

Your industry touches every facet of life -- all industries, institutions, and environments and you love to answer, ‘How was that made’.

We understand the pace of your work, the regulatory requirements you are subject to, and that keeping your workforce safe is at the top of the list.

HSI has the training content and the scalable software to make your workforce safer, more efficient, and more engaged than ever before.

Sure, everyone thinks they are the best, but we can prove it.

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Training for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers rely heavily on equipment and machinery. Any time that equipment isn’t running, it costs time and money.

Your team should be properly trained to run equipment safely and efficiently. Training is a key component in properly inspecting and maintaining equipment. A strong training program will help extend equipment life and identify potential issues before they cause problems.

HSI Industrial Skills can help ensure your training program is relevant and effective. Discover more about our industrial skills-specific training solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Training

Safety data sheet management beyond the 3-ring binder

Staying on top of the mountain of safety data sheets can be an arduous job, taking up a lot of your valuable time.

With a suite of complete authoring services for high-quality, compliant safety data sheets, matched with 24/7 online (and offline) access to your custom collection of SDS documents, staying organized and compliant has never been easier.

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SDS Management Video

Work smarter and faster

Start each day with the assurance your employees have access to the information they need to do their work competently, safely, and in compliance.

Turn numbers into usable, actionable decisions. Analyze compliance issues so that you can help prevent these situations from occurring in the future. By combining powerful insight tools and the instant flow of data, you will know exactly where you stand on compliance.

At the push of a button, you can assign training, tasks, push-messages, request follow-ups, approve progress, and engage with your workforce regardless of geography or time zone.

Work smarter


HSI customers are leaders, which means you go above and beyond regulatory requirements.

As someone responsible for the safety of your company's workers, you have developed your own unique training content and have dozens to hundreds of documents, processes, and policies.

You likely deliver training online, in-person, and virtually. No worries, we have systems allowing you to upload your own content, add to ours, and options to deliver training the way it works best for you.


Send More Workers Home Safe

HSI Delivers over 1 million online safety courses to US manufacturers each year.

Workers Love Our Training

Memorable interactive courses put employees in control of the training experience, for maximum impact and accountability.

Train Smarter & Faster

Cover mandatory compliance topics with 20 minute courses & 5 minute courses for refresher training, supporting production efficiency.

Train On Mobile Devices

Courses are HTML 5 enabled for training on tablets and smartphones, with 24/7 accessibility at any location.

Track All Training Activities

With our cloud-accessible Safety Training System (LMS), you can track & report on live instruction and classroom activities.

Make Safety Less Boring

With checklists, short safety tips videos, course summaries, discussion guides, and supervisor safety tips, you can mix it up by delivering a diverse training experience.

Upload Your Content

Attach organizational policies & procedures, along with schematics, maintenance manuals, instructions, and equipment specifications.

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Welding Training

Training for the Whole Person

Everyone is dealing with issues in their personal life that may affect their focus and performance on the job. Your training program can go beyond the foundational elements of safety including PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), fall protection, injury prevention, equipment use, and maintenance, etc.

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Training for the Whole Person

Active shooter training — includes response techniques and emergency bleeding control skills

When violence occurs, seconds count, and you can't always wait for EMS to arrive. HSI’s Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT) teaches your employees how to react in the event of an active shooter situation. The program includes blended training on:

  • How to recognize warning signs of potential violence
  • Effective responses in an active shooter situation
  • Life-saving emergency bleeding control skills

Developed by law enforcement and healthcare experts, AVERT empowers people to become immediate responders—and potentially save lives—if an active shooter situation occurs.

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Active Shooter Risk Assessment

Nationally recognized CPR, AED, and first aid training

HSI CPR, AED, and first aid training programs are designed for individuals and organizations to obtain full certification and meet regulatory requirements. Delivered using in-person, remote, or blended learning, HSI instructors combine their expertise with engaging videos, skill guides, and presentations to deliver classes.

HSI is a nationally approved and accredited training organization, and our CPR, AED, and first aid certification programs are backed by outstanding customer service and technical support.

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CPR Hands

Training and emergency supplies – AEDs, bleeding control kits, CPR manikins, and more

HSI has everything you need to improve safety and to provide a comprehensive, hands-on training experience. We ship training and emergency supplies such as AEDs, CPR manikins, bleeding control kits, first aid sets, and other accessories anywhere in the country.

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