ESG - Environmental, Social, Governance

ESG Reporting and Dashboards

Whether you're looking to begin your benchmarking, or you need deeper insights on your existing data, HSI's EHS platform has powerful BI reporting capabilities to help you drive actionable insight.

Integrate all of your disparate systems into our EHS platform and report on key sustainability metrics such as energy usage, water usage, and waste management; or employee and company data such as demographic information, training completion status, volunteer time, and charitable contributions.

Reporting Workflow

Environmental Performance

Benchmark your data and show positive or negative performance at any given time.

Environmental Tracking

Track key sustainability metrics over time with data aggregated by month, site location or other metrics relevant to your company.

Social & Governance Overview

Collect employee demographic information such as gender and race/ethnicity, volunteer time, and charitable contributions.

Social & Governance Overview

Follow training completion status, understand where your employees are excelling or failing.

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