Audit Management

Single point of control for your entire audit lifecycle

Collect and connect the dots you never knew existed.

Effortlessly conduct end-to-end audits with integrated audit management software. Seamlessly collect, document, and generate audit reports.

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Audit Management – HSI Key Differentiators

Establish Universal Connections

Audit Management

Our EHS system allows organizations to intelligently link to other EHS applications along with, IoT and 3rd party system integrations, to feed-in and feed-out associated information driving world-class platform interoperability. For example, audits can be linked to inspections, quality, or safety observations so organizations can easily understand how failed audits may be affecting overall risk, compliance, and other KPI’s.

Streamline Compliance

Be Compliance Ready

Ensure compliance with any standard and regulation around health and safety, risk, quality, environment, and sustainability including ISO standards (International) and OSHA (US & Canada) to name just a few. The HSI platform also helps organizations easily generate OSHA recordkeeping logs such as OSHA 300, 301, and 300A reports.

Proactive Risk Prevention

Audit Report

Set up your audits with scored responses and easily determine the response count split with our response count table directly visible on each audit record. This enables the platform to automatically generate a scored count of responses, so you can easily determine if the audit has passed or failed.

Customizable Templates

Audit Management

Create complex audit templates and allow these to be filled out on any device and set up your schedule of audits. Create simple compliance checklist templates and deploy these to individuals, locations, groups, or the entire organization.

Drive Conformity, Everywhere

Automation for Accuracy

Efficiently prioritize audits and enhance conformity through comprehensive risk management. By aggregating risk and control information from across an organization on one system of record, our Audit Management allows audit teams to prioritize their activities based on business imperatives and the latest risk assessments.

Mastering Automation

Prevent Risk Before It Happens

Harness the power of automation to seamlessly transition audits into pass-or-fail stages based on their scores. Once an audit result is achieved, watch as intelligent automation rules effortlessly trigger alerts, notifications, multi-step workflows, investigations, corrective actions, and more. Plus, schedule audits with ease, putting you in control of your audit strategy and compliance efforts.


“Now that we have this treasure trove of information from all our different projects, we can take what the data is showing us, see what our problem areas are, and put our focus on the right things.”

Pimmie Aendenboom

QHSE Manager for Business Unit International

Manage Every Audit from a Single-Source Solution

Centralized audit library: Manage your entire audit library with documentation,
pre-built templates, version control, and more.

Unlimited configurability: Offering market-leading configurability within
a completely codeless environment.

Link to other HSI Modules: Link and relate to other EHS modules, tie it to a
worker, KPIs, scheduling or management controls, and more.

Works offline or online: Conduct audits even in offline environments with HSI’s
offline application via mobile or desktop.

End-to-End audits: Schedule, assign, conduct, monitor, action and report on audits
all within a single platform.

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Experience the Future of Effortless Excellence

Propel your organization forward with technology that consistently anticipates the future.

Revolutionize your organization with technology that anticipates your needs and empowers you to deliver unparalleled results. With this comprehensive platform, you have all solutions at your disposal to work smarter and faster, effortlessly.

Tailor this system to align perfectly with your specific requirements and witness it effortlessly expand as your organization does, providing ongoing benefits and support for your evolving needs.

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