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Safety training, employee training, compliance solutions, and more for K-12 Elementary and Secondary Schools

K-12 schools need training solutions to help teachers, staff, and administrators stay safe, and provide the right learning environment for students.

HSI is a single-source partner for safety training, professional development training, OSHA compliance solutions, CPR and first aid training, health and safety solutions, and more. HSI provides integrated e-learning content, on-site training solutions, and cloud-based software designed to enable your school to improve safety, operations, and employee development. Contact HSI to find out about our K-12 discounts!

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HSI works with more than 300 schools in the US

HSI brings training and educational solutions to all members of a school or school district, including the following most popular:

  • OSHA 10/30 certification training for students interested in their career
  • Staff and management development training including diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Active shooter and first aid training
  • Software solutions for tracking communicable diseases or auditing processes for safety compliance

HSI has been providing training solutions for more than 25 years, and is one of the most trusted brands in health and safety training.

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OSHA 10/30 Hour training

HSI's OSHA 10 & 30 training allows students to get prepared for the workforce by earning their OSHA certification card, jump starting them into the career of their choice. School districts typically offer these courses in their high school CTE classes. Many school districts, including those in Texas, have these paid for via state and federal funding.

HSI is one of only a few providers authorized by OSHA, and our OSHA 10 & 30 courses are the most up-to-date on the market. Taken online, our courses allows students anywhere to become certified.

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Safety Training - 100s of courses. On demand. From anywhere.

Over the last several years, school and organizations have rapidly shifted to online training. It’s safer, smarter, and more efficient. HSI supports every level of your school's workforce with online courses for safety, compliance, professional development, active shooter, emergency care, and more.

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Professional development training - Employee and leadership training for all

With over 450 digestible, easy-to-follow leadership and employee development learning courses, HSI provides organizations and learners with numerous opportunities to build the skills needed to lead and manage others, strengthen individual performance, as well as increase business results.

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Active Shooter Training - Go beyond basics with advanced techniques for active violence scenarios

When violence occurs, seconds count, and you can't always wait for EMS to arrive. Our training enables you to become an immediate responder. Developed by law enforcement and first responder professionals, HSI’s dynamic Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT) will empower your team to help save lives in the event of an urgent threat or emergency.

In addition to active shooter response training, your organization will learn to react to life-threatening blood-loss situations.

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CPR, AED, and First Aid Training - Flexible, reliable, compliant and certified for teachers

CPR, AED and first aid training programs designed for individuals and organizations to meet regulatory requirements. HSI is one of the very few providers approved for CPR and AED certification, and can provide life-saving first aid training as well.

Training is available in all 50 states and meets the requirements of over 7,000 state regulatory agencies, occupational licensing boards, national associations, commissions, and councils in more than 550 occupations and professions.

Delivered in-person, remotely, or via a blended learning style, HSI instructors combine their expertise with engaging videos, skill guides, and presentations to efficiently and effectively deliver classes.

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Chemical SDS Management - Simplifying safety datasheet management

Binders are not great for managing critical chemical datasheets. Via HSI's Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management system, you get everything you need, in one place, accessible for all staff when they need and wherever they are.

HSI gives environmental, health, and safety professionals, and other staff, the support, technology, and know-how to make informed decisions about the chemicals in their organization. Allow better, more timely access to the data within safety data sheets, and use automation to deliver the structured information you need to manage thousands of chemicals safely and sustainably.

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Safety Management System - Incident management, checklists, infectious disease tracking, visitor management

Schools have an immeasurable need to ensure safe environments. Unfortunately many any of these processes are still paper-based, making them ineffective and inefficient. Organizations that move away from paper, have great success and improved track records of safety. With HSI's safety management system, schools can implement cloud-based, mobile friendly solutions such as:

  • Infection disease tracking: Log staff and student vaccinations and test results in a single place, even integrated with your HRIS system.
  • Incident management: Keep track of near misses and incidents, introduce automated workflows, reduce time lost by staff, and capture an audit trail.
  • Checklists: Ensure processes are completed as needed every time. Checklists can be completed 100% online in minutes, and a record is stored for future reference.
  • Visitor management: Provide an easy, digital way to log and track visitors to your school -- parents or contractors. This online system is safer and more secure.
  • Asset management: Enable a complete register of key assets within an organization from vehicles, PPE, computer equipment, and more. Monitor conditions and scheduling of inspections and maintenance from visual dashboards.
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Training Supplies - Bleeding control kits, AEDs, CPR Manikins, and more

HSI supplies everything our students need to ensure a comprehensive and hands-on training experience, or to replenish supplies needed at your schools. We can ship training supplies such as AEDs, CPR manikins, bleeding control kits, first aid supplies, and other accessories anywhere in the country.

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Instructor Training Programs

HSI’s video-driven, instructor-facilitated courses give you an easy, consistent way to train employees in lifesaving CPR, AED, and first aid programs.

Used by thousands of private and public organizations, these scenario-based programs promote learning and retention because they are designed to engage students, no matter their learning styles.

Developed and refined over 40 years, our straightforward, consistent training programs have built confidence for millions of individuals to respond in times of need. HSI’s CPR, AED, and First Aid programs are backed by outstanding customer service and technical support.

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