Vendor & Supplier Management

Complete vendor and supplier oversight in a single module

Vendor and Supplier Management software enables you to store and track key vendor metadata, documentation, accreditation and licenses; and allows you to link vendors to incidents, hazards and audits.

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Vendor and supplier

Vendor & Supplier Management – HSI Key Differentiators

Store and Track Key Meta Data

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Easily register vendors and suppliers in a single, intuitive platform and securely store essential data such as key contacts, license and permit information and other related documentation (such as contracts and insurances). This solution also enables vendor self-service to expedite onboarding and ensure a swift and compliant job commencement.

Evaluate Performance


Drive stronger accountability by tracking their performance against your unique organizational metrics. These may include delivery, expenditure, and maintenance of essential documentation KPIs to drive continuous improvement and meet quality standards. Utilize the module to schedule review periods, score and rate vendors and link any incidents or complaints back to a specific supplier.

Implement Greater Rigor Into Your Evaluation Process

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Establish review cadences with suppliers and trigger audits in the instance of non-conformance. Ensure your vendors are compliant with relevant codes of conduct, modern slavery standards and other risk management frameworks. Utilize these superior datasets to establish and maintain a preferred supplier list and identify under-performing vendors for closer monitoring or replacement.

Review Supplier Performance Against ESG Benchmarks


By coupling the Vendor and Supplier Management module with Donesafe’s Environmental module, you can accurately track and rank your suppliers based on their ESG performance. Ensure your suite of vendors are in lock-step with your internal ESG objectives.

Oversee Entire Lifecycle


From selection and approval, to onboarding, performance evaluation and triggering of audits, overseeing your supplier program has never been easier. Generate invaluable vendor insights such as non-conformance, job status, supply chain vulnerabilities, impending contract expiry and much more.

Manage Vendor and Supplier Base in

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Uncover hidden blind spots, track protocol breaches, and identify compliance gaps. Take immediate action with intelligent automation or human intervention to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

Manage Every Vendor and Supplier from a Single-Source Solution

Cloud-based platform: A cloud-native platform built to deliver virtually
unlimited scale and concurrency.

Unlimited configurability: Offering market-leading configurability within
a completely codeless environment.

Built-in mobility: Works securely on any mobile device or browser,
anywhere, online and offline.

Maximum adoption: Simplify the entire end-user experience driving record
employee participation levels organization-wide.

Modular architecture: Platform allowing organizations to easily add new
modules intelligently inter-connected and interoperable.

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