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Your industry is the backbone of progress. Without you, everything grinds to a halt. We understand the pace of your work, the regulatory requirements you are subject to, your workforce and your unique struggles. We know you because we work with your industry. Leaders in your space have given voice to the solutions we design to fit your industry.

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Work smarter and faster.

Start each day with the assurance your employees have access to the information they need to do their work competently, safely, and compliant. At the push of a button, you can assign training, tasks, push-messages, request follow-ups, approve progress, and engage with your workforce regardless of geography or time zone. Store all documents, SOP’s, programs, and policies with the assurance the system is recording version history.

Work smarter

Training for the Whole Person

Everyone is dealing with issues in their personal life that may affect their focus and performance on the job. Your training program can go beyond the foundational elements of safety including safe driving habits, injury prevention, and equipment use and maintenance.

  • Health and wellness. Stress, anxiety, and poor health can cause dangerous distractions at work. Consider offering training courses on stress management, how to build resilience and healthy options on a convenience store diet.
  • Mental Focus. A driver can be lulled into distraction from long hours on the road. Consider offering courses to help with focus, mental health, and motivation.
  • Human Trafficking. Your drivers are in a unique position to help fight human trafficking. Our training can increase the awareness among your drivers so they understand how to recognize the signs and what to do if they believe someone is a victim.
  • Soft Skills. We offer many more topics for your administrative team like soft skills training, new manager and supervisor training, and more. Learn more about our employee training topics.
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Your employees will love us

Our training is not boring, dry, or repetitive—no one will fall asleep. Employees will love easy access to documents they need to work whether lock-out-tag-out or confined space entry procedures; Safety Data Sheets (SDS); SOP’s, inspection and audit forms; health screenings; or a clear method to report an incident. Your employees will know where to go for information, help and to complete tasks.

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