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HSI helps power modern supply chains to drive operational excellence throughout the entire life cycle.

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Quality Management

Quality Management – HSI Key Differentiators

Centralize Data Capture

Centralize Data Capture

Delivering best-in-class, when it comes to process and standards adherence within today’s complex workplaces, requires modern technology that can do it all. Donesafe simplifies the entire ecosystem while helping you connect the dots you never knew existed, to help you run your world-class operations.

Implement Systematic Continuous Improvement Effortlessly

Implement Systematic Continuous Improvement Effortlessly

HSI takes out the hassle of managing your supply chains, suppliers, and vendors so you can drive continuous improvement across everything you do. Manage quality manuals, policies & procedures, work instructions, checklists, documents, and forms to name a few all in one place.

Actively Overlay Risk Management

Actively Overlay Risk Management

HSI helps you identify, assess, and manage risk by setting up customized risk controls and techniques to reduce your operational costs and minimize financial risk. Risks of any type can be managed before and after they’re reported by creating corrective controls and assigning users tasks to implement those controls.

Seamless Internal Audits and Inspections

Seamless Internal Audits and Inspections

HSI can enable your audits team to conduct audits on the go directly from their mobile phone or tablet, and capture findings instantly with just a few clicks. Uncover opportunities, non-conformances, and build instant finding reports.

Close The Gap

Close the gap between supplier management and performance

HSI helps organizations to effectively track supplier performance and actively manage the supplier lifecycle end-to-end, all-in-one place. Efficiently onboard and manage suppliers, documentation, and ensure compliance with suppliers and contractors aligned with performance KPI’s. Monitor performance by automating the recurring tasks, benchmarks and being alerted to actionable items only when they are needed.

Ensure Compliance While Mitigating Risk

Ensure Compliance While Mitigating Risk

HSI an help you ensure compliance with any standard and regulation around quality management by building in best practice frameworks, risk management and governance standards directly into the platform. Streamline processes with intelligent workflow automation, manage the entire non-conformance lifecycle and increase visibility of the entire supply chain operations.


"The coronavirus global pandemic and related events have proven massively disruptive for quality organizations, leading to an elevated focus on remote working, digitization and automation of processes, employee safety, business continuity management, and cost optimization."

Discover the no-code platform that unlocks quality from the inside out

KEY INSIGHTS (Verdantix | Global Corporate Survey 2022: EHS Budgets, Priorities and Tech Preferences)


Say EHS has become an integrated function contributing to the management of quality among others


Of EHS respondents have some level of ownership in managing quality processes


Of firms expect to increase their spending across the quality category in 2023 vs. 2022

Modernize your technology, transform quality assurance

Collect: Capture quality events, observations, and incidents in real-time as they
happen along the supply chain by anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Monitor: Conduct audits, inspections, monitor non-conformance, and supplier
performance. Get instant alerts, notifications, and status updates to drive instant action.

Visualize: Create custom dashboards that surface key insights, notifications, alerts, and
task completion. See all your quality events, open actions, and more within a single
unified user interface.

Report: Generate documents, compliance reporting, vendor reports, and more.
Effortlessly schedule, automate, and generate reports with access to advanced
BI reporting.

Comply: Ensure compliance with any standard and regulation around quality.

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