SDS: Chemical Management

So much more than safety data sheets!

Still in an old 3-ring binder? Tired of managing multiple systems for your chemical management?

HSI offers SDS Management software, On-Site Inventory Services, HazCom Signage, Emergency Support, and even SDS Authoring.

We’re a one-stop shop for all your SDS Right-to-Know and Hazard Communication compliance needs.

Let's Talk Chemical Management
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Frustrated trying to figure out SDS Management? We've got you covered.

Be a part of an online movement and get access to everything you need for Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management in one place. HSI is your one-stop for everything you’ll need when it comes to organizing and reporting your safety data sheets.

HSI gives environmental, health, and safety professionals the support, technology, and know-how to make informed decisions about the chemicals in their organization. HSI unlocks the data within safety data sheets and uses automation to deliver the structured information you need to manage thousands of chemicals safely and sustainably.

In addition, we also offer:

  • Secondary Container Labeling
  • Mobile Ready
  • Tier 2 reporting
  • QR Code Capabilities
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On-Site Inventory Services

Chemical Management starts with a thorough on-site inventory completed by an experienced professional. Why should you complete an internal audit of all chemicals on hand?

  • It’s the most effective way to ensure you have the proper, updated documentation.
  • Avoid unnecessary time and expenses towards procuring SDS documents for products that you no longer use.

HSI OSI Services start your organization off on the right foot with online SDS management and reporting.

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SDS Authoring

HSI offers authoring and consulting services that help in the writing and publishing of Safety Data Sheet (SDS) documents. Our authoring team functions as an addition to your in-house team, scaling as necessary with service and software support to create high-quality, globally compliant SDS documentation, allowing you to focus on your core business priorities.

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How We Work

As a leading provider of chemical intelligence solutions, we enable our customers to better understand the hazardous materials in their workplace. Through tailored applications of our system, we help reduce the complexity and costs of chemical management, giving more time and focus to health and safety professionals across industries.

In the ever-changing world of chemical regulation and compliance, there's always room for improvement. With HSI, you have the power and support to advance your chemical intelligence.

SDS Management Process & Solutions

  1. Import
    We acquire, scan, and index your existing safety data sheets
  2. Inventory
    We visit your site(s) to inventory all your chemicals
  3. Scrub
    We cleanse all data to complete an accurate chemical inventory.
  4. Tailor
    We create a tailored solution that suits your needs - from customized workflows and APIs through reporting.
  5. Test
    We make sure everything works
  6. Train
    We train you and your team
  7. Deploy (and enjoy!)
    Our customer care team delivers peace of mind for you and your employees.
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