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Checklist and Inspections

Checklist & Inspections Management – HSI Key Differentiators

Customized Templates

Customized Checklists or Templates

Create unlimited customizable checklist templates or choose from our library of 100's of pre-built checklists. Streamlines management and enhances standardization, with advanced configuration options for forms, workflows, and automations. Add smart logic to improve usability for your workers.

Workflow Automations

Workflow Automations

Enables customized checklist workflows with real-time automation. It analyzes responses and guides workers based on results. For instance, if a worker reports extreme fatigue, the system triggers immediate action, including alerts to managers.

Connect Everything

Decisions 1

Seamlessly link with other applications and IoT devices for robust interoperability. As an example, an unsafe maintenance observation can trigger an automatic plant inspection, log hazards, and notify management. It can also access maintenance logs in real-time and integrate with risk and quality management modules. Endless possibilities.

Assign CAPA’s Easily

Assign CAPA's Easily

Enables the creation of multi-layer process workflows and automations within checklist and inspection forms, providing workers with clear guidance on their progress. Simultaneously, managers gain full oversight of the entire end-to-end process and outcomes. The system can automatically generate real-time notifications, alerts, corrective actions, and inspection assignments for workers, streamlining the workflow.

Real-Time Notifications

Pre-Trip Inspection

Workers use checklist forms to answer yes/no questions, add notes, and assign corrective actions. Managers receive notifications for failed inspections. Two-way checklists allow real-time data analysis and immediate worker guidance. HSI EHS supports offline checklist and inspection completion on mobile or desktop.

Compliance Ready

Be Compliance Ready

Guarantee full compliance with a wide array of health and safety, risk, quality, environmental, and sustainability standards and regulations, including ISO standards, OSHA, DOT, and various others, ensuring your organization operates in accordance with the highest industry benchmarks and remains well-prepared for inspections and audits.

Joshua Reilly, Safety & Fleet Manager – ED3

"Our lineman save 2 hours a day in administrative work by submitting inspections in the field through their mobile devices."

Joshua R.

Safety & Fleet Manager – ED3

Manage Every Checklist and Inspection from a Single-Source Solution

Centralized checklist library: Create simple compliance checklist templates
and deploy these to individuals, locations, groups, or the organization all
from one place.

Unlimited configurability: Offering market-leading configurability within a
completely codeless environment.

Link to everything intelligently: Link and relate to other applications, tie it to a
worker, KPIs, scheduling or management controls, and more.

Works offline or online: Conduct checklists and inspections even in offline
environments with our offline application via mobile or desktop.

End-to-End inspections: Schedule, assign, conduct, monitor, and report
inspections all within a single platform.

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