Online Safety Training FAQs: Return On Investment

Online Safety Training FAQs: Return On Investment

When organizations begin to evaluate workforce training programs, looking for a better way to get things done, most are forced to consider the online training option. That’s why we’re to help answer your frequently asked questions, starting with expectations for return on investment (ROI).

Q: What sort of ROI should I expect?
A: The traditional expenses associated with safety training, including time out of production, travel, instructor fees, and administrative overhead, are usually reduced after moving to online training. These savings will depend on the size of the safety training program: the larger the workforce, the larger the training program, the harder it is to manage, the higher the risk and liability.

Generally, the less time your workforce spends off of the job, in training sessions, the higher the productivity of that workforce.

HSI training may reduce the rate of time-loss injuries, and the number of workers’ compensation claims, but those are results that cannot be calculated prior to program implementation.

The return on investment is different for each organization, yet through added efficiency our customers realize savings. That’s why over 90% of our customers train with HSI year after year.

HSI offers a smarter, faster training experience, for a safer, more productive workforce.

Q: Can HSI Online Safety Training help reduce my insurance premiums?
A: Yes. HSI training can help your organization lower insurance premiums by reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Because insurance premiums are directly related to insurance claims, effective safety training programs can help increase safety awareness in the workforce, and reduce the number of accidents resulting in claims for high-risk work environments.

We can’t say exactly how your particular insurance company would adjust your premiums based on our training, but many insurance companies and risk pools, like Liberty Mutual, do use our courses to train their workforce.

Customers have qualified for discounts after moving safety training online with HSI.

Q: How expensive is online safety training?
A: “Online training sounds great. But how are we going to pay for this thing? I’m a safety professional on a budget!”

We hear you.

Because online safety training simply takes less time than live training, usually by about half, it significantly increases productivity. Think if you could do the same training, covering the same objectives, in half an hour versus a full hour, and that the training experience was mostly ‘hands-off’ on your end—you’d be saving your company time and money. Now apply that to your entire workforce, anybody who must participate in training.

In other words, Safety Training Online pays for itself over time, rather quickly, and many times over.

Simple math…

There are 8 required training topics for a certain work group, and live training is the organization’s favored delivery method. The standard for live training is one hour of classroom time. With online courses at 30 minutes, training time would reduce by half, to 4 hours, instead of the standard 8 hours. That particular employee group would get half a day of productivity back.

Want to see what training will actually cost you; and how much you can save? Check out our Return On Investment (ROI) calculator to learn more.

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