Q & A: Employee Safety Responsibility

Q & A: Employee Safety Responsibility

Question: “How does accountability apply in your safety?”

Answer: That’s a broad question, and I’m not sure how specific you’re wanting to get, but speaking on behalf of Jill and Dr. Loushine, most safety professionals consider personal accountability in the workforce to be important—you won’t find a safety person to say otherwise.

That said, accountability may be difficult to foster amongst employees. Ideally, your workforce cares as much about their personal safety as the organization they work for, assuming the company places a high priority on safety. Yet that feeling of ownership over “safety” is different from organization to organization, and there are a combination of factors influencing accountability levels in the workforce: safety attitudes, education, opportunities for participating in safety programs, company policies and enforcement, orientation to safety as a value, etc., etc. Of course, all of those things are interconnected with accountability.

Found a resource you might enjoy, all about safety accountability, and put together by the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB).

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