Q & A: How to Fix Boring Training?

Q & A: How to Fix Boring Training?

Question: “How do we keep employees engaged in training we must do annually?”

Answer: Training programs do get stale, especially for compliance topics that folks have to take annually. This is the status quo situations for many organizations, and it doesn’t have to be this way.

Interactivity is the key to engagement. Stop offering passive learning experiences: videos, PowerPoint slide shows, old DVDs, etc. Are you familiar with the “Death By PowerPoint” phenomenon? Do you know about the Top 10 Warning Signs of Safety Training Fatigue?

Also, get creative with your hands-on training exercises. Using the same resources is bad for your safety culture.


Storytelling is a fundamentally human capacity, widely embraced as the most powerful teaching tool. 5 people out of 100 remember statistics; 63 in 100 remember stories. In the age of digital media, competing for employee attention is difficult. With characters, plot, dialogue and other conventions, our courses use story to grab attention from the beginning and create an emotional response throughout the course. Stories provide context, context helps with retention, and learning retention is critical.


Training & learning activities of the past typically relied on methods of passive knowledge transfer—live lectures, ‘death by PowerPoint’, and DVDs. To truly engage and teach, employees need to be involved. That’s why most of our courses require interactivity on behalf of employees; to complete a course, employees must engage with it. Our instructional designers build creative interactive exercises for courses based on concepts of Adult Learning Theory.

Design for All Learning Styles

People learn differently. That’s why our courses typically use a mix of professional narration, text, static images (alt tags), motion graphics, video, color, and activities to ensure that learning objectives are communicated accurately. Courses are SCORM & AICC compliant and ADA friendly. Effective training delivers information in multiple ways, creating lasting memorability to reach workers and influence behaviors.

What we do empowers your safety program by helping deliver a better total training experience to your workforce and freeing up time to develop specialized live training sessions. Training online mixes up the training regimen and allows workers to move at their own pace through an interactive experience, rather than going through the motions of a passive learning exercise. In other words, workers find our courses entertaining and effective. Safety training online isn’t intended to replace hands-on training; in fact, most of our customer work with us to create more time for hands-on training by moving certain compliance topics online. We support live training exercises.

Every day we’re on a mission to prove that compliance training doesn’t have to be boring.

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