Q & A: How to Get Managers Excited About Safety

Q & A: How to Get Managers Excited About Safety

Question: How do you get management excited about helping with the training? Can't do it alone.

Answer: The short answer is that “management” is easily excited by discovering or realizing value, so if you’re having motivational trouble with that tier, it may be because they do not understand the value of safety training activities or view them as a “necessary evil”.

Also, management must understand that they’re not exempt from the safety training itself—there’s a legal obligation to comply with certain training standards in relation to specific hazard exposures (think of something universally applicable like Emergency Response or Fire Extinguisher training).

Management doesn’t get a pass on compliance.

Another possible reason for the participation lethargy? Is participation difficult, or is what’s asked of these individuals align with their personal styles (introvert/extrovert)?

I thought of three blog posts (2 from our Chief Safety Officer Jill James) to share to help you dive a little further into this or forward straight to leadership, to help reinforce the importance of active encouragement and participation.

Workers Compensation & Workplace Safety: Making Dollars & Sense Of It

Positive Supervisor/Employee Relationships Important Worker Safety

The Unseen Return of Occupational Safety

Because, as you know, those faces truly need to be in the room if you’re trying to foster a game-changing safety culture.

Learn more about workplace safety training.

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