Safety Training Solutions Made Simple

Safety Training Solutions Made Simple

Have you ever found a better way to do something? A breakthrough that made your life easier? A discovery that saved you time, money, or even created more of both?

We know those moments don’t come easy. Progress is only possible when you insist on a different answer, When you go beyond ‘business as usual’, looking to change the game.

Running an efficient safety program is not so simple. Not with a small budget, shifting regulations, a maze of courses and personnel to keep track of, and zero time for complicated training software.

But making life easier for safety professionals—that’s our business. And after working with them to find a better way to take control of training programs, we’ve created the most effective safety training experience out there.

HSI safety training online gets your people trained faster, keeps them in production, and cuts risk. Giving you more time to focus on the job you’re meant to be doing, and ensuring the wellbeing of your workforce, rather than going through the exhaustive routine of managing training and checking regulatory boxes.

You’re a safety professional. It’s a dynamic, active leadership role that demands a presence throughout the workforce. You need simplicity and time to focus on building safety culture.

But when it comes to managing your safety program, we know it can be tough to find the perfect training software. And that’s exactly why we built a safety training system just for safety professionals.

We know that you have no time to waste on software that needs a lot of attention, so this isn’t a do-everything solution. With HSI, you get only what you need. You don’t pay for features you’ll never use, yet our system is adaptive to fit the unique needs of your organization, and can grow with you to meet future challenges.

The HSI safety training system is designed to increase training efficiency and worker productivity, and bring accountability back to safety training programs with easy, complete tracking and reporting. It’s the perfect tool for one job—safety training management.

That’s it.

We know that safety is a resource, a competitive advantage you can measure and control. The HSI safety training system makes sure your people get the critical safety training needed to work safely, and helps you reduce risk, balance production with safety, and improve operational efficiency.

To work safely your people need critical, modern safety training. With the first click of the mouse or touch of the screen, begins an engaging safety training experience created for the high-risk workforce. Intensely focused on the user experience, we offer a clean, modern interface that makes interaction effortless, natural, intuitive. So, if your workforce isn’t great with technology, that’s not a problem—smart simplicity makes our courses easy to work through, for people on the clock in hazardous environments.

Instructional design is the art of transferring knowledge. Behind every word, image, or activity, is an inventive way to explain complex information fast and effectively, to workers whose safety depends on it. Storytelling is our vehicle for engagement, inspiring real understanding of familiar safety scenarios, captivating employees, and building memorable, lasting connections.

Safety training doesn’t have to be boring. At HSI we study every detail, testing until we find the right mix of interactivity and engagement, linking on demand training with safety performance. We’re committed to reflecting our promise of being the most knowledgeable and caring people in safety training, by building a positive and effective training experience because it might help save a life someday.

Time is a prized resource. To connect with workers and get your message across, you have to bond with the audience strongly, immediately.

HSI’s creative talent is unmatched in the online training industry. With skilled digital artists who script, design, and storyboard, we know how to use the power of storytelling to hook people and communicate key messages clearly. Using the best technical tools available and working with knowledgeable instructional designers, our modern storytellers’ craft an interactive experience that reaches the audience on a personal level, creating memorable, effective training. With HSI training, there are more ways to imaginatively reach your workforce than ever before; we use film and animation inventively to promote engagement with each minute of exposure, and move people from understanding to action.

We know that to influence behavior you have to reach the emotional core of human imagination. What if your training could own the attention of your workforce, and communicate in the language of your culture and brand?

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