Yes, Your Employees Can Train Online. And They Will Love It.

Yes, Your Employees Can Train Online. And They Will Love It.

Too many of the environmental health and safety professionals we speak with believe that the workforce they support is not smart enough, or tech savvy enough, to successfully train online.

Based on the experience of our customers, that notion is just flat wrong.

In fact, the biggest obstacle to modernizing safety training by moving online, is the misperception of the safety professional who doesn’t know any better.

Last year, we delivered a record-breaking 1.7 million online safety courses to employees across the spectrum of technical proficiency.

The average course rating across all of our safety training titles: 3.8 out of 5 Stars.

Not only can your employees train online, they love the experience, and so will you.

Here’s what one customer, challenged by a workforce speaking over 85 langauges, perceptions of computer literacy, and a large, dispersed workforce, discovered after moving to online safety training...

How We Deliver Safety & Health Knowledge to Commercial Fishermen

The tried and true gold standard is of course small groups of Fishers being trained in face to face, through hands-on instruction delivered by knowledgeable peers and experts.

However, from Artisanal Fishers to the 100+ Meter Factory Trawlers, we all face the shortage of time and opportunity to deliver Safety & Health Knowledge that goes beyond the immediacy of life safety at sea.

Even large companies with big crews struggle to create the time and opportunity to provide quality small group training on topics such as: Respiratory Protection, Chemical Safety, Back & Lifting Safety, First Aid, Personal Protective Equipment, etc.

The topics needing to be covered are seemingly endless.

That’s why several companies in the US have taken a “step out of the box” in their efforts to push Safety & Health training out of crowded lecture rooms and galleys full of distractions, and moved to provide interactive online safety training that crews members can take in their off time between seasons, at home and on mobile devices.

Can’t be done? Think people are not computer literate enough?

Why not believe that our Fishers can receive Safety & Health Training through computers, tablets, and other mobiles devices?

Those are same devices they use to consume content or make purchases away from work—everybody logs-in somewhere.

Our company employs over 900 people from approximately 85 countries around the world.

In 2017, we delivered over 17,000 online safety courses to 1,100 individual crew members working all over the world.

Online safety training has successfully expanded our crew’s knowledge while helping assure that we all have a common foundation in safety rules and best practices.

With a little effort, training can now be delivered virtually anywhere in the world, outside of the “Classroom box”.

Alan Davis | Safety & Compliance Director | American Seafoods

So if you:

Then you can deliver safety training online to your entire workforce, just like a growing number of new organizations each year.

If you:

Then you can train online, save a bunch of money, and have more time for hands-on training.

If you:

Then maybe you should have a look at our pricing and give us a call immediately: 1-800-956-0333

You can start training online in 6 business days, provide a safety experience employees love, and close the safety technology gap.

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