Course overview

The ALS NCCR program meets the required hours for the NREMT’s latest requirement for Paramedics, the National Continued Competency Requirements (NCCR). These are live courses and are 15 classes of the 48-hour refresher.

This ALS NCCR course covers the following topics:

  • Airway/Respiration/Ventilation (3.5 hrs)
    • Ventilation, capnography and oxygenation
  • Cardiovascular (8.5 hrs)
    • Post-resuscitation care, ventricular assist devices, stroke, cardiac arrest, pediatric cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure, and acute coronary syndrome
  • Medical (8.5 hrs)
    • Special healthcare needs, OB emergencies, infectious diseases, medication delivery, pain management, psychiatric and behavioral emergencies, toxicological emergencies (opioids), neurological emergencies (seizures), endocrine emergencies (diabetes), and immunological emergencies
  • Trauma (3 Hrs)
    • Trauma triage, central nervous system (CNS) injury, hemorrhage control, and fluid resuscitation
  • Operations (6.5 hrs)
    • At-risk populations, ambulance safety, field triage (disasters/MCIs), EMS provider hygiene, safety, and vaccinations, EMS culture of safety, pediatric transport, crew resource management, EMS research, and evidence-based guidelines


Individual Courses:

Each course offered in the ALS NCCR Program are 2 hours in length and are available for individual purchase.

  • 247VILT-006: Individual ALS L-1- Ventilation
  • 247VILT-007: Individual ALS L-2 – Includes Capnography, Oxygenation & Opioids
  • 247VILT-009: Individual ALS L-4 – Pediatric Arrest Management, Cardiac Arrest Management
  • 247VILT-010: Individual ALS L-5 – Cardiac Arrest Management, Pediatric Arrest Management
  • 247VILT-011: Individual ALS L-6 – Includes ROSC Care, EMS Research and VADs
  • 247VILT-012: Individual ALS-L7 – Medication Delivery and Stroke
  • 247VILT-013: Individual ALS L-8 – Includes CHF, Pediatric Arrest, ACS
  • 247VILT-014: Individual ALS L-9 – Diabetic, Seizures, Infectious Disease
  • 247VILT-015: Individual ALS L-10 – Includes Special Healthcare Needs
  • 247VILT-016: Individual ALS L-11 – Includes Psych and Behavioral Emergencies, Field Triage MCI
  • 247VILT-018: Individual ALS L-13 – CNS Injuries, Trauma Triage
  • 247VILT-019: Individual ALS L-14 – Bleeding Control, Pain Management, Fluid Resuscitation
  • 247VILT-023: Individual ALS L-18 – Includes OB Emergencies, Medication Delivery, CRM
  • 247VILT-028: Individual ALS L-23 – Includes Pediatric Transport, Immunological Emergencies, At Risk Populations
  • 247VILT-029: Individual ALS L-24 – Includes Ambulance Safety, Culture of Safety, Evidence Based Guidelines, Hygiene and Vaccinations
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