Characteristics of Distribution Switchgear

Learning objectives

  • Recognize the impact of switching operations in distribution system safety
  • Identify the common types of switchgear
  • Identify the function of disconnect equipment
  • Identify common applications of switchgear
  • Identify the purpose of a fused switch disconnect
  • Recognize the fundamental elements of circuit breakers serving as switchgear

Course overview

Switchgear is a term used to cover the various switching devices used to protect transmission and distribution systems. Switchgear devices also apply to power system regulation, control, and metering.

The Characteristics of Distribution Switchgear training course covers switchgear types and applications which make these devices an integral component from generation to distribution. This online course explains how to modify system designs by combining and replacing switchgear applications. It focuses on

  • Basic function of switching devices
  • Simple switchgear applications
  • Combining switchgear applications
  • Circuit breakers as switchgear

Characteristics of Distribution Switchgear is part of the Distribution System training series.

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