Learning objectives

  • List various types of rigid ladders and describe their use
  • Explain the procedure for raising and handling a ladder
  • Describe the factors that affect the service life of a fiberglass ladder
  • Describe proper ladder handling, storage, transport, and maintenance
  • Discuss how ladder selection, placement, and handling contribute to safe operation

Course overview

A ladder is defined as a vertical or inclined set of rungs or steps. Ladders are found throughout industry in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Each ladder's design and construction affects how it is used and maintained. Proper use, maintenance, and operator awareness are necessary to ensure a ladder is safe and useful.

The Ladder training course identifies the design and function of several types of commonly used ladders. It also describes proper case and safe use of ladders. This online training course includes:

  • Ladder types
  • Ladder materials
  • Factors that affect the service life of fiberglass ladders
  • Ladder care
  • Safe ladder use

Ladders is part of the Rigging, Lifted, and Elevated Work Surfaces training series.

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