Temperature Instruments

Learning objectives

  • Describe and give examples of the following types of temperature measuring devices:
    • Thermal Expansion Thermometers
    • Electrical Thermometers
    • Infrared Radiation Thermometers
  • Explain the operation of a resistance temperature detector (RTD) and bridge circuit
  • Describe how to properly connect a 2-wire or 3-wire RTD to a temperature transmitter
  • Describe how temperature is measured using a thermocouple
  • Explain thermocouple compensation and the effect of wires and junctions on accurate temperature measurement
  • Describe distance-to-size ratio in an infrared radiation thermometer
  • Explain emissivity in relation to an infrared radiation thermometer

Course overview

Temperature measurement is critical to ensure proper process function and equipment operation. The Temperature Instruments training course introduces you to the tools used throughout industry to measure temperature. It identifies various temperature measuring and sensing devices and describes their operation, including:

  • Thermal expansion thermometers
  • Electrical thermometers
  • Infrared radiation thermometers

Temperature Instruments is part of the Process Control Variable training series.

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