Boiler Tube Repair

Learning objectives

  • Describe different types of boiler tube assemblies
  • List causes of tube leaks and ruptures
  • Explain the procedure for repairing a ruptured tube by closing
  • Explain the procedure for cladding or shielding a damaged boiler tube
  • Explain the procedure for replacing a damaged section of a tube or tube assembly
  • Explain the procedure for repairing a boiler tube using a replacement window

Course overview

Boiler tubes function in extreme pressure and experience wear and periodic failure. Corrosion, erosion, and temperature- and pressure-related stresses wear or weaken the tubes. When boiler tubes leak, those tubes and any affected surrounding ones must be repaired or replaced. The Boiler Tube Repair training course describes different tube assemblies that may need repair. It lists common leak causes and procedures for repair.

This online course discusses boiler tube assemblies. It also highlights leak or rupture causes and explains repair methods. The Boiler Tube Repair course is part of the Boiler Repair training series.

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