Displacement Pumps

Learning objectives

  • Describe the operating characteristics of rotary positive displacement pumps
  • Identify the primary difference between an internal rotary gear pump and external rotary gear pump
  • Describe the design and operation of each of the following types of rotary pumps:
    • Screw pumps
    • Vane pumps
    • Lobe pumps
  • Explain the purpose of a metering pump

Course overview

As discussed in previous lessons, positive displacement pumps are commonly used to move working fluid from one industrial location or system process to another. The Rotary Positive Displacement Pump training course focuses on the design and operation of these pumps.

This online course covers:

  • Internal and external gear pump designs
  • Screw and vane pump design
  • Lobe and metering pump design

This course is part of the Positive Displacement Pumps series.

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