Learning objectives

  • Describe the function of an O-ring
  • Explain the sealing of an O-ring
  • Describe the two main types of O-ring sealing applications
  • List some considerations when using an O-ring in a vacuum sealing application
  • Identify various materials used in the production of O-rings
  • Discuss common failure modes and troubleshooting these failures
  • Describe proper techniques for installing and caring for O-rings

Course overview

O-rings are used in many sealing applications in an industrial facility. They ensure light seals and prevent fluid leaking from different plant equipment. Understanding O-ring sealing characteristics and the different materials used in production helps in selecting the proper O-ring for any application. Proper installation techniques and troubleshooting procedures prevent future problems with the sealing application.

The O-rings training course describes its design and purpose. This online course explains:

  • O-ring basics
  • O-ring scaling
  • Static O-ring seals
  • Dynamic O-ring seals
  • Other O-ring applications
  • O-ring materials
  • O-ring failure analysis
  • O-ring assembly, care, and treatment

O-rings is part of the Fasteners and Seals training series.

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