Piping Auxiliaries

Learning objectives

  • Explain how steam separators remove moisture from piping
  • Describe the purpose and operation of the following types of steam traps:
    • Mechanical
    • Thermostatic
    • Thermodynamic
  • Explain proper steam trap installation
  • Define water hammer and discuss its consequences

Course overview

Industrial facilities must constantly drain any condensate from the piping. Otherwise, the condensate is carried with the steam and may produce water hammer. This situation could rupture pipes or fittings. It is also important to avoid admitting moisture-carrying steam to turbines or engines.

The Piping Auxiliaries training course discusses various devices used to remove condensate and moisture from lines. It describes the design and function of steam separators and traps used in piping systems. This course focuses on:

  • Introduction to steam separators and steam traps
  • Mechanical steam traps
  • Thermostatic steam traps
  • Thermodynamic steam traps
  • Steam trap installation and inspection
  • Water hammer

Piping Auxiliaries is part of the Piping and Tubing training series.

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