Boiler Feed Pump Daily Operations

Learning objectives

  • Describe the routine inspections performed daily on the boiler feed pump
  • Identify tests performed on the boiler feed pump and explain their importance
  • Discuss the steps an operator may take in the event of a boiler feed pump trip
  • Describe the procedure to shut down a boiler feed pump under normal conditions

Course overview

The boiler feed pump is one piece of equipment that must be dependable for 24-hour-a-day operation. Conducting regular checks and monitoring the pump continuously is important to ensure this reliability. Performing routine inspections may seem like a mundane task at times, but it is during these routine checks that deficiencies are found and many costly repairs prevented.

The Boiler Feed Pump Daily Operations training course describes routine tests associated with the boiler feed pump. It explains the importance of performing these tests regularly. It also describes what steps to take in response to test results. This online course focuses on:

  • Routine inspections on a running pump
  • Performing tests
  • Boiler feed pump trips
  • Shutting down a boiler feed pump

This course is part of the Boiler Feed Pumps training series.

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