Boiler Feed Pumps and Associated Auxiliary Equipment

Learning objectives

  • Discuss the purpose and importance of a boiler feed pump
  • Describe the boiler feed pump design and operation
  • Describe the associated auxiliary equipment
  • Explain the use of different drive units

Course overview

Power plants that generate steam must be able to pump large quantities of water at high pressure. Large boiler feed pumps can pump water at 2500 psi or more into a steam drum while maintaining enough flow to keep the steam generation process working at full capacity.

The Boiler Feed Pump and Associated Auxiliary Equipment training course examines the design and function of a boiler feed pump. It describes the general description and features, including:

  • Pump drives
  • Pump auxiliaries 1
  • Pump auxiliaries 2

This course is part of the Boiler Feed Pumps training course.

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