Circulating Water System Controls

Learning objectives

  • Explain the importance of monitoring and managing the circulating water system
  • Describe the use of the following instruments:
    • Level Indicator
    • Differential Pressure Detector
    • Flow Meter
    • Pressure Meter
    • Temperature Detector
  • Describe automatic controls typically used in the circulating water system:
    • Intake Structure Instruments
    • Cooling Tower Instruments
    • Condenser Instruments

Course overview

As discussed in previous courses, circulating water systems play a large role in a power plant's efficient operation. Instruments and controls provide operators with a way to monitor, adjust, and manage circulating water systems.

The Circulating Water System Controls training course looks at how instrument output signals can be coupled to controls that allow the system to automatically respond to changing conditions. It describes typical instruments and control systems used within the circulating water system. This online course discusses:

  • Basic instruments
  • Automatic controls
  • Intake structure instruments
  • Condenser instruments

This course is part of the Circulating Water Systems training series.

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