Circulating Water System Shutdown

Learning objectives

  • Identify circumstances that prompt shutdown of the circulating water system
  • Describe typical shutdown preparations
  • List safety measures associated with shutdown
  • Explain the steps to shut down the circulating water system

Course overview

In addition to supplying indispensable condenser cooling water, the circulating water system provides many plants with a source of auxiliary water for cooling and other industrial purposes. Because so many essential functions depend on it, the circulating water system is not normally shut down except for essential cleaning or repairs. If operators are forced to shut the system down, they do it in a safe, controlled manner to minimize damage and get the plant back into operation in an efficient manner.

The Circulating Water System Shutdown training course describes system shutdown procedures, including:

  • Shutdown preparations
  • Shutting down the circulating water system

This course is part of the Circulating Water System training series.

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