Combustion Air and Flue Gas System Start-up

Learning objectives

  • Identify the importance of establishing air flow in the boiler with the induced draft (ID) fan
  • List verifications and tests to be completed prior to forced draft (FD) fan start-up
  • Describe the steps to start the FD fan
  • Describe preparations to ensure the ignitor air blowers are ready for service
  • List typical permissives to be satisfied before purging the boiler
  • Describe the steps to successfully purge the boiler
  • Describe the steps to put preheater into service

Course overview

The startup process for boiler fan operation systems vary from plant to plant. However, most plant standing operating procedures share a similar set of activities. Pre-start preparation and post-start monitoring of the fan operation system are important pieces of an operator's job.

The Combustion Air and Flue Gas System Startup training course describes the steps performed when putting the boiler fan operation system into service. This online course focuses on:

  • ID and FD fan preparation
  • Ignitor and boiler preparation
  • Starting the FD fans
  • Boiler purge
  • Air preheaters

This course is part of the Combustion Air and Flue Gas System training series.

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