Generator and Auxiliary Systems Start-up

Learning objectives

  • Explain how to place the hydrogen seal oil unit in service
  • Describe the purging and gassing of the turbine
  • Identify pre-start checks for generator start-up
  • Describe operator responsibilities during the process of rolling on the turbine

Course overview

Successful generator and auxiliary system startup depends on operators following specific procedures and monitoring multiple parameters. The Generator and Auxiliary System Startup training course examines the pre-start checks and start-up procedures for the generator and its auxiliary systems.

This online course describes the steps to start up the generator and establish it on the electrical grid. It covers:

  • Starting the seal oil unit
  • Purging and gassing the turbine
  • Pre-checks for generator startup
  • Rolling on the turbine

This course is part of the Generator and Auxiliary Systems and Control training series.

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