Generator Control in Reciprocating Engine Power Plants

Learning objectives

  • Describe the following generator voltage regulator control modes:
    • Power factor
    • Voltage droop
    • Voltage droop compensation
  • Explain voltage droop in relation to a generator excitation control system
  • List the conditions that must be met before the generator can be synchronized with the grid
  • List the conditions which may result in a generator breaker trip

Course overview

Reciprocating engine generating sets need electrical control systems for their generators to provide stable power and share loads with other units on the grid. The Generator Control in Reciprocating Engine Power Plants training course introduces the common methods of generator control found in these power plants.

This online course explains generator operation modes and how generator output voltage is controlled. It describes ways the automatic generator control system regulates loading and protects against faults on the generator output. It focuses on:

  • Generator control modes
  • Synchronizing a generator
  • Electrical faults

This course is part of the Reciprocating Engine Power Plants training series.

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