Preparing for Power Plant Start-ups

Learning objectives

  • Recognize the role an electrical dispatcher plays in preparing for a power plant start-up
  • Recall the purpose of determining appropriate ramp rates for starting up the boiler and turbine
  • List the four basic categories of pre-start checks on each of the following:
    • Boiler
    • Steam turbine
    • Generator

Course overview

Power plant startups are complicated tasks that require plant operator planning and preparation. Understanding plant equipment operating procedures is necessary to prepare for a power plant startup. The Preparing for Power Plant Startups training course describes the basic checks that must be performed on plant equipment before a plant startup.

This online training course explains boiler and turbine ramp rates. It also reviews pre-startup checks for boilers, turbines, and generators. Preparing for Power Plant Startups is part of the Unit Startup and Shutdown training series.

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