Reciprocating Engine Operations

Learning objectives

  • Explain the pre-startup checks performed as part of the reciprocating engine startup process
  • Describe the importance of slow-turning a reciprocating engine
  • Describe the conditions monitored during normal reciprocating engine operation
  • Explain the adverse effects of low-load operation on a reciprocating engine
  • Describe the methods of performing a reciprocating engine shutdown
  • Describe the conditions required to maintain a reciprocating engine in standby

Course overview

The successful startup, operation, and shutdown of a reciprocating engine depends on operators following specific procedures and monitoring multiple parameters. The Reciprocating Engine Operations training course examines the startup and shutdown procedures for a typical reciprocating engine generating set. It also discusses the routine checks performed during normal operations. Some special operating conditions are covered.

This course is part of the Reciprocating Engine Power Plants training series.

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