Superheated Steam Tables

Learning objectives

  • Identify the kinds of information found in a superheated steam table
  • Describe the information found on a Mollier diagram
  • Discuss the relationship between the Btu in boiler fuels and the Btu in superheated steam
  • Use a steam table to explain what is meant by “no distinguishable differences” at the critical point of water

Course overview

As discussed in the previous lesson, many industrial plants rely on superheated steam to power large machinery and manufacture various products. Understanding the physical characteristics of superheated steam is necessary to operate industrial systems and equipment efficiently and effectively.

The Superheated Steam Tables training course discusses the physical characteristics of superheated steam under various circumstances. It shows how to interpret information found in superheated steam tables and use it in practical applications. This online course explains:

  • Interpreting superheated steam tables
  • Steam tables and steam turbine operation
  • Critical point of water

Superheated Steam Tables is part of the Heat Rate Optimization training series.

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