Using Distributed Control System Diagrams

Learning objectives

  • Identify basic logic symbols used in logic diagrams
  • List the parts of a drawing title block
  • Explain the purpose of a drawing legend
  • Discuss permissives and interlocks associated with control systems
  • Describe how a control loop maintains a parameter at its control setpoint
  • Discuss the use of trip setpoints
  • Describe how the feedback function in a control loop helps keep processes stable
  • Describe trim and bias control logic features
  • Discuss general troubleshooting steps and techniques

Course overview

Power plant diagrams and drawings offer a wealth of information. Understanding these drawings and diagrams, including distributed control system (DCS) logical diagrams, is needed to operate and troubleshoot plant equipment, systems, and controls.

The Using Distributed Control System Diagrams training course describes the basic symbols and parts of a logic diagram. It also explains how to use a DCS logic diagram as a troubleshooting tool. This online course covers:

  • Drawing elements
  • Interlocks and permissives
  • Control and trip setpoints
  • Trim and bias
  • Troubleshooting

This course is part of the Plant Control System training series.

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