Tanks and Vessels Used for Storage

Learning objectives

  • Describe types of non-pressurized storage tanks
  • Describe types of pressurized storage tanks
  • Describe types of refrigerated storage tanks

Course overview

All products, whether gaseous, liquid, or liquified gas, are stored in tanks. These products may be a finished product stored for a brief time before shipping or an unfinished product waiting for further processing. A tank's contents represent a large concentration of value. The protection and safe operation of tanks can reduce accidents, personnel danger, product loss, and equipment damage.

The Tanks and Vessels Used for Storage training course describes various types of storage tanks and vessels including:

  • Non-pressurized storage
  • Pressurized storage
  • Refrigerated storage

This online course also explains safety equipment for these tanks and vessels. This course is part of the Process Product Movement and Storage training series.

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