Content Release for December 2022

New and Updated Content

  • Understanding Harassment
  • Anti-Harassment
  • Anti-Harassment for Bystanders
  • State- and City-Specific Anti-Harassment
  • Chicago Harassment Bystander Intervention Regulations

For more information on our soon-to-be retired courses, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

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Understanding Harassment

We've updated this seven-part series from our Workplace Compliance topic, covering the basics of harassment in the workplace. We discuss harassment offenders, targets, warning signs, and more.

Course Titles

  • Introduction to Understanding Harassment
  • Understanding Offenders
  • Understanding Targets
  • Bystander Training
  • Warning Signs
  • Healthy Culture
  • Understanding Harassment Review

Library: Workplace Compliance

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This updated six-part series from our Workplace Compliance library instructs viewers on how to keep harassment out of the workplace. We go over how to write/communicate harassment policies and investigate claims of harassment, among other topics.

Course Titles

  • Anti-Harassment for Everyone
  • Anti-Harassment for Managers
  • Investigating Harassment Claims
  • Writing and Communicating Anti-Harassment Policy
  • Sexual Harassment Cases in Court
  • Review of Anti-Harassment

Library: Workplace Compliance

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Anti-Harassment for Bystanders

In this series, we talk about what to do if you are a witness to harassment. We'll include training on the bystander effect, how to intervene, and some common bystander scenarios. You can find this new six-part series in our Workplace Compliance topic.

Course Titles

  • Intro to Anti-Harassment for Bystanders
  • Bystanders and the Bystander Effect
  • An Intervention Mindset
  • How to Intervene in Sexual Harassment
  • Harassment Bystander Scenarios
  • Harassment Bystander Training Review

Library: Workplace Compliance

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State- and City-Specific Anti-Harassment

We've also updated our state- and city-specific harassment training. We now offer courses that introduce harassment laws and harassment and discrimination scenarios for the states of: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, and New York. We also provide harassment training specifically for the cities of Chicago and New York. You'll find these courses in our Workplace Compliance library.

Course Titles


  • Introduction to California Harassment and Discrimination
  • California Harassment and Discrimination Scenarios


  • Introduction to Connecticut Harassment and Discrimination
  • Connecticut Harassment and Discrimination Scenarios


  • Introduction to Delaware Harassment and Discrimination
  • Delaware Harassment and Discrimination Scenarios


  • Introduction to Illinois Harassment and Discrimination
  • Illinois Harassment and Discrimination Scenarios


  • Introduction to Maine Harassment and Discrimination
  • Maine Harassment and Discrimination Scenarios

New York:

  • Introduction to New York State Harassment and Discrimination
  • New York State Harassment and Discrimination Scenarios

City of Chicago:

  • Introduction to Chicago Harassment and Discrimination
  • Chicago Harassment and Discrimination Scenarios

City of New York:

  • Introduction to New York City Harassment and Discrimination
  • New York City Harassment and Discrimination Scenarios

Library: Workplace Compliance

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Chicago Harassment Bystander Intervention Regulations

If you work in the city of Chicago, there are specific regulations and rules regarding the bystander’s responsibility to stop or report sexual harassment at work. We cover those rules in this new course from our Workplace Compliance topic.

Library: Workplace Compliance

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Updates to Our Harassment Catalogue

We've restructured our harassment courses, streamlining our content for clarity and easier accessibility while still meeting compliance standards. For a list of city and state requirements, click on the specific city or state below.

The following titles will be replaced by our newly-released harassment content. If you have any questions about our new, updated, or retired content, please reach out to your CSM.

New York City Understanding Harassment

  1. Healthy Culture
  2. Warning Signs
  3. Targets
  4. Bystander Training
  5. Review

California Understanding Harassment

  1. Introduction to Understanding Harassment
  2. Creating a Healthy Culture
  3. Understanding Offenders
  4. Understanding Targets
  5. Warning Signs
  6. Bystander Training
  7. Understanding Harassment in Review

Miscellaneous Harassment Programs

  • California Anti-Harassment: Summary of SB 396 Changes
  • California Bill SB 1343 and SB 778
  • Illinois SB 75

New York City Anti-Harassment

  1. Summary or New York City Changes
  2. For Everyone
  3. For Managers
  4. Writing and Communicating an Anti-Harassment Policy
  5. Examples
  6. Investigating Complaints
  7. Review
  8. Manager's Training Success

California Anti-Harassment

  1. History of Sexual Harassment
  2. Anti-Harassment for Everyone
  3. Anti-Harassment for Managers
  4. Examples and Scenarios
  5. Writing and Communicating an Anti-Harassment Policy
  6. Investigating Complaints
  7. Anti-Harassment Review
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