Office Etiquette

Watch a clip from each of the courses in the series below and enjoy our tribute to "The Office" TV show!

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Office Etiquette: Appearance

Most companies have dress policies, but etiquette in appearance is more than wearing something too revealing or too casual. In this course, we’ll discuss all things appearance-related, including the do’s and don’ts of personal hygiene, what to do if you notice a colleague’s wardrobe malfunction, and respecting others’ senses of smell. We’ll even touch on clipping your nails at work and not wearing shoes. Yes, this really happens. Get a sneak peek at this course now!

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Office Etiquette: Environment

With the growing popularity of open office layouts, environmental etiquette has become increasingly more important. This course is designed to help employees be more considerate and less…annoying. We’ll discuss things like speaking volume, phone etiquette, personal space, inappropriate desk décor, cleanliness, and people in Speedos. This program will help build employee awareness of surroundings and other people’s needs. Get a sneak peek at this course now!

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Office Etiquette: Food

Food can be offensive. Have you ever smelled an egg and onion burrito? It’s horrible. Have you ever opened the microwave at work to find a gravy explosion that someone left behind? How about opening the shared fridge at your office, and it smells like feet and cheese? In this course on etiquette, we’re talking about food and, in particular, the kitchen area. We’ll go over some offensive behaviors and how to be a more considerate co-worker. Get a sneak peek at this course now!

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Office Etiquette: Interactions

Isn’t it wonderful that every workplace is harmonious, where we can all hold hands, braid each other’s hair, and do trust falls? What? That’s not your workplace? Of course it isn’t. We’re all very different and we all have to get along. This course is designed to help employees interact respectfully with one another in the office. We’ll go over some tips on eavesdropping, attending meetings, collecting donations, office parties, and other tricky situations. Get a sneak peek at this course now!

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