How Education Facilities Can Get The Most From Their Emergency Care Training Budget

How Education Facilities Can Get The Most From Their Emergency Care Training Budget

Education facilities face many hurdles when it comes to getting CPR, AED and First Aid training and certification for their employees.

They need flexible learning options to account for tight schedules with limited availability, and they need competitively priced materials that make sense for their organization’s budget. Additionally, there’s often a lot of returning students who can lose interest after their initial CPR training.

HSI Training Centers and Instructors can provide a customized solution to address their unique learning needs and budget.

Training For Higher Education: A Case Study

HSI Training Center Director LeAnn Bravi, LPN, BS, M.Ed serves as the Public Health and Safety Coordinator/Instructor for Hutchinson Community College. She consistently chooses HSI programs for her customers for a lot of reasons, including:

One of the biggest testaments to the effectiveness of the HSI training LeAnn has provided to her customers over the years can be summed up by this inspiring story.

A repeat student approached LeAnn and thanked her for saving his wife’s life. She assumed he was referring to something she had done in her nursing career. But instead, he explained:

“I sat in your CPR classes so many times for the last 15 years. One night, my wife and I went to bed and, as we were talking, she said her chest hurt. Those were the last words she said to me before becoming unresponsive. I knew something was wrong right away, but I knew what to do… Thanks to your training, she’s home cooking supper right now.”

Flexible Training Options For Education Facilities

HSI’s programs are designed to be affordable, engaging and flexible, allowing each Instructor to tailor the class to meet their students’ needs.

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