6 Benefits of Self-Paced Learning for Employees

6 Benefits of Self-Paced Learning for Employees

Today’s modern workforce needs a modern training mix. This includes blended learning with both eLearning and instructor-led sessions, on-the-job training, and also self-paced learning. Your diverse workforce is comprised of people with different backgrounds, experiences, and learning styles. Giving them the flexibility to learn at their own pace is critical.

Technology and Content for Self-Paced Learning

If your current training program relies 100% on instructor-led classes (live and virtual), you will need to consider making some major changes to make self-paced learning accessible. Employees will need the ability to watch training videos anytime, anyplace, on any device.

Finding the right learning management system (LMS) for your needs doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You will want to think through your current requirements and contemplate the future needs of your training technology. We have a helpful blog post with an LMS feature checklist for you and your team to review. (And note, when you buy our content, our LMS is free!)

Not all employee training videos are created equal. As you begin the process of comparing training content, you will want to preview courses, consider production value, and question if it supports the effectiveness of the training. Our blog post on “How to Compare Employee Training Videos” gives you more information to make this process easier.

You will find that using video in your training mix has additional benefits beyond providing the ability to offer self-paced learning.

Benefits of Self-Paced Learning

More and more companies are allowing employees to work from home and hiring remote workers. Traditional classroom training is still a valuable tool, but your training mix needs to evolve along with your workforce. Allowing more training to occur outside of the classroom has many benefits.

  1. Convenience: One of the biggest challenges with training is getting employees to make the time. With self-paced learning, it’s all up to the employees. They can access anytime, anyplace.
  2. Cost savings: Yes, there may be some initial start-up costs for the LMS and content, but further down the road, you will eliminate costs like ballroom rental, travel, and registration fees.
  3. Speed control: We all learn at different paces. No one wants to be the person in the class who is asking too many questions. Self-paced learning allows your employee to pause, make notes, rewind, and rewatch as needed.
  4. Level-set: Many of our clients assign videos as pre-work to an instructor-led class. Everyone can watch the courses at their own pace and come to the class better prepared. Now the class starts from the same place, with the same foundational background for the topic of the day.
  5. Improved focus: What time of the day are you at your best? With self-paced learning, employees can choose the time to take the training that fits their attention and energy level.
  6. Self-directed: When employees are allowed to access assigned training on their own, they are more likely to go searching for topics that they are personally interested in. Self-directed learning is a bonus benefit of self-paced learning!

Working with a company like HSI gives you access to a full library of off-the-shelf training videos that can support your focus on self-paced learning. When you buy our content, you get our HSI LMS for free. You can easily create groups, assign courses, set deadlines, and track usage. You can also open up the library and allow your employees to access training on their own. Request a free trial to learn more.

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