How to Curate a Training Curriculum on Demand

How to Curate a Training Curriculum on Demand

Today’s diverse workforce requires a training program with a wide variety of topics to address those diverse needs. It’s nearly impossible for an internal team of trainers to create 100% of the training for 100% of their employees. It’s very easy to curate a training curriculum when you subscribe to an off-the-shelf training library like what we offer.

An internal team is likely already carrying a heavy workload creating training for the current needs of the organization but what about the new or immediate requests? Or a need from a small team trying to manage negativity? Or from a person newly promoted to being a manager? Or an employee who has to have a difficult conversation with a vendor and they don’t know how to handle it?

Many of our clients come to us with a specific need for training on X. The conversation starts with an interest in just a few courses to solve one specific pain point. Through a discovery conversation, we are often able to identify additional current and future training needs where it makes more sense to consider the full library.

The examples below are sample situations that may arise where a few training videos can help solve the problem in a timely manner. All of them incorporate courses from our off-the-shelf Business Skills library. These are situations where you could combine a few courses together to address a problem or request from any of your internal stakeholders. Or, as many of our clients do, you could open up the full library to all employees and let them search and find courses on the topics they want to learn about.

Time Management

Someone has inherited new tasks after a series of layoffs or furloughs. They are struggling with time management and getting all of their work done on time. Or maybe someone has been asked to be part of a new cross-functional team in addition to their normal duties. Or maybe you have an entry-level employee who is new to the workforce and struggling with juggling multiple projects. A time-management training curriculum might include:

Time Bandits: Overcoming Time Management Challenges

Emotional Intelligence

You find that a certain department, location, or business unit has increased levels of stress, conflict, and tenuous work relationships. Emotions are running high and productivity is dropping. You assess the situation and figure out this group needs training to improve their emotional intelligence in the workplace. A training program designed to improve EQ might include:

Develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the Workplace

Difficult Conversations

Customer service is getting more calls from angry customers due to a pricing increase. A manager needs to put an employee on a PIP. A buyer needs to address quality issues with a vendor. Employees all across the organization may have to have difficult conversations at work. A variety of training courses could help these employees prepare for the challenging conversations. These might include:

Training to Help Your Employees Have Difficult Conversations at Work

Corporate Innovation

Suppose senior management rolls out their new strategic plan and has a new focus on corporate innovation. They want to encourage all employees to look at their work responsibilities and generate new ideas on how to improve productivity, save money, grow revenue, create new products or services, etc. Your training department will want to align the training and development plan with the broader strategic plan of the company. A sample training curriculum on innovation might include these topics:

How to Drive Corporate Innovation with Training

New Manager Training

You begin succession planning to find more internal candidates for promotions. Someone goes from being part of a team to managing the team. They need support while moving from coworker to boss. Personnel changes like this may occur all throughout the company at different times so the training needs to be nimble and accessible. Offering a series of online training videos makes the training accessible at any time someone becomes a new manager. A few of those courses might include:

Guide to New Manager Training

Tips to Manage Negativity

A new hire joins a team and brings an abrasive personality that upsets the camaraderie of the team. A company’s struggling revenue causes the need for a salary freeze and employees are disgruntled. Employees across the organization have taken on new responsibilities due to a reorganization and they are feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Negativity in the workplace can be triggered by any number of events. It’s handy to have a library of courses ready when the need arises. A group of training videos to address negativity in the workplace might include:

7 Tips for Managing Negativity

Feeling Overwhelmed at Work

People can feel overwhelmed at work for many reasons. We all have our own stressors and challenges in our personal lives that can affect our productivity. This supports our whole-person approach to training employees. It’s helpful to offer a wide range of training topics beyond job-related skills like financial, mental and physical health to help alleviate stress. A training curriculum to help people feel less overwhelmed at work could include:

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed at Work: Understand Stress and Burnout

When you buy our off-the-shelf content, you get HSI LMS, our learning management system for free. You can use the intuitive search engine in our HSI LMS to find topics to curate any curriculum you need. You can also work with your dedicated Learning Consultant, and they will make course recommendations as needed.

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