How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Off-the-Shelf Training Library

How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Off-the-Shelf Training Library

You’ve made your decision to license a full library of off-the-shelf training videos. You’ve assigned a few required courses for all employees each month, but now you’re looking for ideas on how to get more value out of it. Your training library is like a Swiss Army knife: It has many different uses. Try these ideas to really maximize its worth.

Integrate with ILT

We would never want to replace your internal instructors and trainers. We believe off-the-shelf training content can enhance your instructor-led training (ILT).

Allow Self-directed Learning

You’ve made the investment in new training created by external subject matter experts, why limit the training to one or two courses a month? Consider letting employees choose courses of interest for professional or personal development. Allow them to take the courses at their own pace.

Self-directed learning will occur when you open the library, so all employees have full access to the off-the-shelf courses. Communicate to all learners that they have the freedom to access the training on-demand. Encourage them to search and explore. Some may explore topics where they need training but fear pointing out a weakness to their manager. Your more motivated team members may start taking courses to position themselves for a promotion.

Create Multiple Admin Roles

Depending on the functionality in your LMS, you should be able to create different roles for administrators with various levels of access. You don’t have to limit admin capabilities to a handful of people in HR or L&D (Learning & Development).

Try giving supervisors, managers, and department heads the ability to assign courses to their direct reports and team members. A sales team leader could assign the series on how to handle objections to a struggling sales rep. A newly promoted supervisor might assign courses on team building to accelerate collaboration. A manager notices a trend of missed deadlines with a few direct reports, so they assign courses on time management and project management. The applications abound.

Curate as Needed

You probably had specific goals in mind when you originally purchased the off-the-shelf training library. But things change, and new challenges arise where training can help. This gives you the opportunity to curate a small curriculum on the spot.

Celebrate Monthly

Every month, you see various events and awareness days on social media. You can link specific courses to these topics, to drive some extra interest in training.

Promote Training

HSI provides professionally designed flyers on a wide variety of training topics, to help clients quickly launch programs and promote new courses. We call it our client marketing toolkit. Simply email, post on your company social media platform, or hang the flyer in key public areas in the office, such as the lunchroom or by the time clock. We’ve even heard of clients using our flyers in the restroom stalls!

Take advantage of any of your corporate communication channels. Promote training on your intranet or HR portal. Mention new training topics in collaboration channels like Slack or Chatter.

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