How to Make Your EHS Program More Successful

How to Make Your EHS Program More Successful

You know that successful EH&S programs can encompass several elements to help ensure employee, product, and property safety through reduced risk, which may vary depending on your work environment and your workforce, as well as your preferences for administering and managing your program.

But another factor that might not be as well-known are the different ways to categorize your EH&S program that can be helpful in getting the big picture of how to make your program more successful.

4 Stages for Success

We like to categorize a successful EH&S Program into four main phases: assessment, planning, implementation, and management. It is important to remember that these are ongoing processes, with all stages of development working together. With your EH&S program already in place, you’ll need to continuously reassess and make any necessary adjustments to maintain success and continuously improve outcomes.

  1. Assessment: This stage is all about finding hazards in your workplace and identifying how to fix them. Consider having your workplace assessed by a professional to see if there are any improvements that can be done to ensure safety regulations are being followed.
  2. Planning: This is where you take your assessment findings and create a training agenda for your employees. Training options include: onsite, classroom and eLearning courses. In addition to delivery options that will work best for you, this stage is also important for looking at all areas of training that can be conducted, not just safety. Consider adding CPR/First Aid training to your training line-up, even if it’s not a requirement – It can help keep employees safe and prepared for emergency situations.
  3. Implementation: This stage is exactly what it sounds like; implement what you found in the assessment and planning phases. This will align your training and tracking resources to create more visibility into your program at all levels of your organization. An EH&S solution from HSI will bring you uniform training across all teams, no matter the size, with a single point of contact for all your EH&S needs.
  4. Management: This is one of the most important elements of your EH&S program and should be constantly thought of during the assessment, planning, and implementation stages. Having a technology solution that incorporates all of the elements of your EH&S program, including employee management, training development, customization, and reporting, AED and equipment management, and document storage is critical, as it helps to organize your program for ongoing success. Our online learning management platform is up for the task;

Want to read more on this subject? We’ve got a more in depth explanation of these 4 stages of a successful EH&S program, FREE.

HSI is a single solution provider that makes it easy to scale an EH&S program to your organization’s needs, helping you gain better visibility into your program so you can maintain compliance, reduce risk and save money.

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