OSHA Safety Training: 5 Things to Know

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Here are five things every employer should understand when it comes to meeting OSHA’s vast — but important — safety requirements.

The volume and complexity of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards make it difficult to find training requirements and identify which ones apply to your worksite and workers.

This eBook identifies five basics that employers and EHS professionals need to consider when developing workplace health and safety training programs that comply with OSHA standards.

Required training subjects for your employees should come from a review and assessment of hazards for all aspects of your operations, including facilities, equipment, work procedures, processes, byproducts, and even exposures from independent contractors, whose work can affect employees.

Because of the wide variety of training requirements and logistical problems, administering safety and health training has always been seen as a headache for employers. That is understandable, considering different kinds of training are required for different employee groups, at various locations, and with restrictions on employee time and availability.
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