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Award-winning library of microlearning training videos covering the topics you need for your modern workforce. L&D leaders recognize that a robust library of off-the-shelf courses is the right solution for today's diverse training needs. Internal instructional designers and subject matter experts can’t possibly create 100% of the training for 100% of employees.

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The Benefits of Off-the-Shelf Training

Some training content may be unique to your organization like product training, company mission/vision/values, project management process, etc. Many topics can be delivered following industry best practices via a library of online courses. A few benefits of an off-the-shelf (OTS) library include:

  • Accessibility: OTS courses are immediately available and on demand when needed. There is no need to wait for a scheduled training session and this eliminates the need for travel and excessive time out of the office or away from work.
  • Consistency: Pre-produced courses ensure every viewer receives exactly the same information every time. It guarantees the same tone is conveyed, the same terms are used, and the same details are explained. Live instructors can customize their delivery based on the learner’s questions and background. They may explore some topics more deeply or use different examples, which may change the consistency of the training.
  • Efficiency: Learners can spend their time learning while taking off-the-shelf courses. They don’t have to waste time waiting for people late to a class or listen to questions being asked that are not relevant. Learners can also rewatch courses as needed.
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Sample Off-the-Shelf Training Course Styles

An additional benefit of working with HSI for your off-the-shelf solution is the variety of course design styles.

  • Microlearning Video with Live Presenter: Our soft skills libraries feature diverse presenters with creative and thoughtful graphics to engage your learners. The videos average seven minutes long and include an exam upon completion.
  • Role Play Scenarios: Many of our compliance courses feature actors in real-life situations to demonstrate key learning points around workplace bullying, sexual harassment, and more.
  • 3D Animation: Most of our safety training courses are created in an animated style that safely puts the learner in a risky or dangerous environment to teach the proper precautions.
  • Interactive eLearning: Many courses are created in an interactive style that engages the learner to click their device to advance the chapter. These lessons include video, voice overs, and graphics to convey the information.
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