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Foster a compliant workplace with our Workplace Compliance courses. Explore some of our topics below like anti-harassment, avoiding discrimination, legally hiring and firing, and more.

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Workplace Compliance Training Courses for Employees and Managers

Workplace compliance training is vital for all of your employees and managers. It’s important to create a safe working environment while following all rules, laws, and regulations. It’s a challenge to keep track of differences between the sexual harassment training requirements in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, New York while keeping an eye on any future changes in legislation. It makes sense to outsource that responsibility to a company like HSI and rely on our off-the-shelf library of compliance training.

You can scan a list of training topics on compliance below and also watch a full course on avoiding discrimination.

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Sexual Harassment

More than just Sexual Harassment training, online training videos from HSI can serve as the foundation of your compliance program for preventing sexual harassment

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State-Specific Anti-Harassment Training

Explore the course lists for our state-specific anti-harassment training courses including California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, New York City, and New York State.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Create an environment where everyone feels seen and heard. Start a conversation about race with our courses on anti-racism and begin making small changes in your workplace.

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Additional Workplace Compliance Training Topics:

Calculate Your Savings Using Online Training

Time is money, and getting a better return on investment means finding the most efficient training option. Online training gets workers back on the job, faster. Discover the value of our efficient alternative to live training, and calculate your return on investment.

  • Productivity Savings – Less time in training, more time working.
  • Online Training Investment – Reduce risk by standardizing training, save on labor costs, and stay compliant with ease.
  • Labor Days Saved – The savings realized through workforce productivity pays for your online training investment.

There are many reasons to move your workforce training program online, but the money we save for clients is why over 90% return each year.

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