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Change the Safety Job with Smarter Tools

Few companies will work to show a return on investment—we don’t operate like that.

Keeping it simple is important to us—we don’t hide fees and send you complicated invoices.

That’s why we lead the online safety training industry in pricing transparency.

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More safety tools. Incredible human support.


*Pricing as shown is minimum, and reflects 3-year agreement discount. Other conditions may apply. SCORM/AICC pricing available separately, on request.

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Full-stack training management: unforgettable courses, tracking & reporting, completion certificates, notifications, uploads. Learn more


SDS Management

Ditch the binders! Get more from your Safety Data Sheets (SDS) with our chemical compliance tools. Learn more

5 Minute Courses

Perfect for reinforcement, these short, interactive courses cover fundamental and emerging safety topics. See courses

Safety Tip Tuesday

Original tip videos promoting safety awareness on over 70 different topics.

Supervisor Safety Tips

In-depth coaching on hazard recognition and ‘how-to’ inspections, for leaders and managers.

Share knowledge that makes people safer and more productive

The safety professionals we talk to each day are busy wearing ‘too many hats’. They’re tired of using the business tools of the 90's, a network of vendors, and a lot of unnecessary elbow grease, to make safety happen where they work.

Here’s an idea: let’s knock down barriers to life-saving technology.

Let’s make safety more accessible for...everybody.


We're about more than just training.

Our Customer service reps are expected to reach for an impossible standard because when we earn your business, we want to keep it. Going beyond, we want you to have an experience you’re willing to share. You’re going to get the same service we would demand for ourselves. Customer service is not for everybody; there’s a lot to learn. So we invest in finding and training the right person for our profile, and put good people to work solving your problems.

HSI customers are happier. Because we live to serve.

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