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Our eLearning Authoring Tool

The perfect recording tool for both the non-technical user and the advanced video creator and editor. Our award-winning authoring tool allows you to use your webcam and screen capture to create your own videos and then our editing suite gives you the tools to fine-tune the details.

*Please note: This authoring tool is available to users of the HSI ThinkZoom LMS.

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HSI Award Winning e Learning Authoring Tool

Award-winning eLearning Authoring Tool

Our eLearning authoring tool is included with our HSI ThinkZoom LMS. Create your own courses or customize our off-the-shelf videos with our recording tool. This tool is not part of other HSI Learning Management Systems.

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How to Record

If you are a user of the HSI ThinkZoom LMS, first, you must download the recording tool. Don’t worry, it is a quick installation.

Recording is simple. Click record, wait for the countdown, and record. You have three options with the recording tool:

  • Record just the screen with voiceover. The mouse is highlighted with a yellow circle to enhance the demo and screen activity. You can define the area of your desktop you want to record (for example, to hide your browser tabs.)
  • Record both the screen plus webcam video. You can move the webcam video window to any location on the screen. You can also size the webcam window.
  • Or, you can record just the webcam video.

Additional Recording Features Include:

  • Pause, review, and continue recording
  • Add a title and description that will be searchable in our LMS
  • Add music
  • Edit narration/audio
    • Remove background noise
    • Make volume louder or quieter
    • Can export audio or import other audio
  • Remove cursor
Authoring Tool Recording

How to Edit

Your next step is the fun part! Editing! Our authoring tool comes with all of the modern editing features you expect. All are color coded so you can easily manage your editing process.


  • Edit out a section of the video


  • Copy a section of the video: This is helpful to extend a pause break in between sections


  • You can hide the webcam or cursor periodically and for as long as you choose


  • New recording
  • Existing recording
  • Pause
  • Video file (MP4) recorded outside of Thinkzoom


  • Add in a new narration after your initial recording


  • Image: this is helpful to add an image that wasn’t part of your original slide design
  • Blur: this allows you to blur any sensitive or proprietary information
  • Outline
  • Arrow
  • Highlight
  • Text
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Additional eLearning Authoring Tool Functionality

Many of our clients were paying for a separate eLearning authoring tool. When you buy our content, you also get our HSI LMS for free! And yes, that also includes our award-winning authoring tool.

Our learning consultants will work with you each step of the way to ensure a smooth and quick implementation. You can get a head start with our LMS implementation guide.

The first step is to sign up for a full-featured, free trial of our HSI LMS. Full-featured means you have access to 100% of our functionality including the eLearning authoring tool!

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