So you've purchased our training and LMS; what's next?

So you've purchased our training and LMS; what's next?

When a company purchases software for widespread use (think HR, timecard/tracking, project management, training, logistics, inventory management, etc.), usually the buying process is lengthy and involves a team of people.

After the contract is signed, and all the effort, time spent researching options, attending demos, negotiating pricing and contract terms, is over, one person is then assigned to implement and manage the software.

Often this individual wasn’t involved in the decision-making process and already has a full-time job.

From experience, we’ve learned that the process of implementation (including launch to employees) is the single most important factor in determining the success of a software system.

We at HSI have developed a smarter, customer-centric approach that isn’t found with other vendors.

Why? Because we wanted to make implementation painless and easy.

Whether you’re new to online learning or moving from one system to another, there are important questions to ask about implementation and ongoing support during the sales process.

Is implementation self-guided or managed by an HSI professional?

Some companies require you to use a third-party vendor for software implementation, others have an implementation department/project management staff in-house, and then there are the others who provide materials and expect you to complete implementation on your own.

At HSI, we like to think of this process as like learning how to drive a car:

Now we don't recommend just getting behind the wheel of a car without any experience guidance, but an important question to ask when it comes to your new LMS is: Are you someone who learns better by doing it on your own, or is it helpful to have an experienced guide.

The HSI implementation process typically involves a series of meetings and checkpoints, with tasks to complete along the way and someone there pushing and guiding you through the process?

Who will I work with during implementation?

The first step in the HSI implementation process is assigning an implementation project manager who will be with you and see this through to the end.

Often this person will not just be experienced in project management best practices and HSI software, our staff is comprised of people who have worked in the safety industry, acted as the safety manager at a former employer and have shared their experiences and best practices with the rest of the implementation team.

It’s important to us that implementation project managers know more than setting up software; they need to know the real-world problems that our solutions can help solve and create a better solution to make your life easier.

How much does implementation cost?

In short: nothing.

Implementation is covered under your subscription/purchase of our safety and compliance suite of products.

No, really, we offer world-class implementation services at no additional cost to you.

How long does implementation take?

When you ask how long a typical implementation takes, the short answer at HSI is: “how long do you want it to take?”.

Our implementation project managers can work as quickly as you want, getting customers up and running in less than a week. If you have other priorities and need assistance completing tasks, implementation can take a few weeks, and in some cases, up to a couple of months.

HSI breaks down implementation into a series of steps with tasks to complete at each point. Each step can take as long or be as quick as you want it to be.

Is the implementation process tailored to my organization’s needs?

At HSI, our goal is for our customers to implement successfully and use the software to its fullest, getting the most bang for their buck and seeing measurable results in the workplace.

The implementation process is broken down into a few steps:

  1. Requirements gathering/data collection
  2. Site building
  3. Training
  4. Launch to employees/organization

Whether you are migrating from another learning management system or shifting from a live training/excel spreadsheet type situation, the first step is looking at which courses/training topics are needed for which groups of employees.

To streamline this process, we’ve created a Customer Setup Document or CSD that customers complete. Before any data is entered into the system, the HSI implementation manager thoroughly reviews the CSD with you before the site build.

When it comes to the training phase, we provide training for the system administrator, so they know how the system works and where to find features and reports they need for their specific business needs.

If additional training is needed, HSI offers as many sessions as needed, for various employees.

When implementation ends, our support department and customer service managers will continue to provide training and guidance.

Don't believe us? Take a look at one of the many peer-rated websites where we are rated on our customer service department.

HSI customers aren’t handed the keys and left alone at any stage in the process.

At every step along the way, HSI takes care of any task that’s needed to get customers up and running.

Many vendors put the responsibility of implementation tasks on the customer, with HSI, we know this isn’t your full-time job to implement software, it's ours.

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